SEM - Scanning Electronic Microscope

  • SEM can produce high-resolution images of sample surfaces. It generates three-dimensional images; provides morphological and topographical information; and identifies the chemical elements in solid samples, all of which have applications across a range of fields, such as engineering, chemistry, pharmacology, odontology, and mechanics.
    Description: Tungsten filament (W) max. 30 kv in the secondary electron mode
    Range of amplification: up to 50,000 x Range of acceleration tension (tensão de aceleração) 5-30 kv
    EDX-INCA Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy
    EDX-INCA is an X-Ray detector that permits elementary analysis via energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy. This device provides qualitative and semi-qualitative rapid analysis at adequate standards.

    Brand: Carl Zeiss
    Model: Oxford MA 10 + EDX INCA