Materials Processing

  • The national and international job market requires ever greater number of capabilities from professionals. To meet this demand, the Professional Master’s Degree Program in Materials Processing was created, which offers the same degree level and prerogatives as the academic Master’s degree (CNE/CES 0079/2002).

    In this Program, professionals from the fields of Engineering, as well as Health, Earth, and Exact Sciences can further their learning to become more up to date to meet market demands.

    The degree program focuses on applied technical knowledge for the development, characterization, and application of materials for use in the most diverse areas of national and international industry, such as the civil construction, aeronautics, petroleum, chemistry, and biomedical industries.

    The Program’s course grid consists of a set of technical courses, which study the properties and applications of materials in detail. They are presented in such a way as to prioritize the integration of the sustainable development of materials, their processes and products with/through innovation and entrepreneurship.
    With a highly qualified, multidisciplinary teaching staff and distinct/ well-equipped infrastructure, the Professional Master’s Program in Materials Processing provides a solid technical education and broad vision/view of the applicability of the materials studied.

    The degree program takes up to two years, with coursework and related academic activities scheduled on Saturdays, thereby allowing professionals to juggle their job activities and their graduate program. In addition, it makes it possible for them to develop projects of direct relevance to their job, by seeking solutions to real problems faced on the job or by the nation’s industry.


    Graduates from technological fields


    24 months
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  • Coordinator Course: Prof. Ivone Regina de Oliveira, P.h.D
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