Master’s in Biomedical Engineering

  • The Master’s program (given a score of 4 from7, total CAPES grade) was created in 1995 and certified by CAPES, the federal grant agency, in 1998. Since its creation, this Graduate Program has been offering an education that qualifies its students, both technically and scientifically to teach in their field, conduct research, and develop new devices and methods in Biomedical Engineering. The Master’s degree program offers graduates from the exact sciences, health, and medicine the technical know-how, and competence they need in Biomedical Instrumentation as well as Lasers Applied to Biology, Health, and Biomaterials. The program offers solid instruction in both theory and conducting experiments in the traditional areas of engineering and health, such as biomedical instrumentation, the physiology of systems, biosensors, biomaterials, optical spectroscopy, and lasers. There are currently 19 fulltime, permanent Ph.D.s in the program, who interact professionally with researchers from the best national and international research centers in the field of biomedical engineering, thereby providing opportunities and motivation for students to seek out new challenges.


    Coordinator Course

    Prof. Renata de Azevedo Canevari Ph.D.

    Duration Maximum

    24 months


    +55 (12) 3947-1165



    Target Public

    Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in the Exact Sciences, Medicine, or Biology


    Our objective is to educate individuals who will work, or at least intend to work, in universities, research institutes, hospitals, and in the private sector where there is a technological foundation and interest in innovation in the health industry, where these professional may apply the concepts learned to develop new, non-invasive diagnostic techniques; new treatment methods, and new biomaterials. The student candidate can choose from one of the following areas:

    Area 1: Biomedical Instrumention

    Area 2: Biophotonics

    Area 3: Nanobiomaterials

    Requirements for the Master's Degree

    The program, which is designed to be completed within 2 years, is composed of 16 credits of required courses and 9 credits for the elaboration and defense of the thesis itself. The remaining program credits may be completed from published articles or elective courses.



    Courses / Other Activies


    Required Courses


    Elective Courses or Published Articles


    Preparation ans Defense os Thesis