• UNIVAP’s Graduate Program in Physics and Astronomy has received a score of 4 from CAPES, the federal grant agency. Its goal is to educate researchers and professionals who work in the areas of Space Physics, Astronomy, and the Physics of Condensed Materials within Brazil. Candidates with Bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, and related fields may apply.

    Students in the Program take part in projects and the development of new devices (photometers, interferometers, and spectrometers), designing models and analyzing data in Space Physics and Astronomy. They study new materials, super-conductor and semi-conductor materials, and characterize biological materials. The work is carried out with research professors of the Program, in cooperation with research groups from national and international institutions.

    The Program offers an infrastructure, which includes onsite laboratories, observatories, and a high-performance computing center on the São José dos Campos campus, as well as access to other facilities on several sites in Brazil, like Brasópolis (MG, Palmas (TO), Manaus (AM), Jataí (GO), and Araguatins (TO) In addition, students and researchers in the Program also have access to international class astronomic observatories, like Gemini and SOAR, of which they make frequent use.

    Duration Maximum: 24 months
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  • Coordinator Course: Prof Arian Ojeda González Ph.D.