R&DI biological

  • Location: the R&DI biological testing facility is located on the first floor of the Building 1 of the Institute, with 67.93 square meters of space, in accordance with current bio-safety norms and proper functioning, which provides perfect conditions for the animals’ well-being, located as it is in an area with minimal human traffic. The location is easy to reach, facilitating the delivery of materials, ingredients(insumos), and equipment, as well as the removal of testing residue produced in the lab.

    Each room where the animals are kept is composed of a ventilation rack containing 15 rat cages and another rack with 35 mouse cages. Each cage is individually ventilated. They are all positive depression racks to protect the animals that are kept inside mini-isolator chambers (exclusion cages). In this model, the air in the room is sucked up, passed through a filter, and channeled to a mini-isolator chamber, where it is mixed with pollutants and then removed from the cage/box. These mini-isolator chambers are made of polycarbons(policarbonato) for the mice and polysulfides(polisulfona) for the rats, which isolates them from the outside, while allowing a complete view of the mini-isolator chamber interiors.