Multiple User Laboratory Center/Complex

  • MLC was created to provide the rational use of resources, by avoiding unnecessary duplication of equipment, while still offering users all the infrastructure in analytical techniques they might need to enable, perfect, and promote scientific and technological research at UNIVAP, as well as serve the community at large. This modern model of a multi/multiple-user facility, as envisioned from its inception, was developed with the participation of the three major development and funding agencies (FINEP, FAPESP, AND CAPES) with the full approval of UNIVAP’s Graduate Studies program, the Provost’s Office for Research and Graduate Studies, and the Director’s Office of the Institute for Research and Development, or IR&D.

    MLC has functioned as an open, multi/multiple- user laboratory, meeting the needs of the academic community and the community at large, by making its 400 square meters of equipment and infrastructure available for them to carry out their experiments. 

    Contact: +55 (12) 3947-1150/1160