• Methods of Payment – Residents in Brazil

    • Bank Transfer/Deposit: 

    Banco do Brasil (001)
    Titular: Associacao Brasileira de Geofisica Espacial e Aeronomia
    CNPJ: 21.433.288/0001-68
    Agência: 0175-9
    Conta: 120546-3

    The proof of deposit / transfer must be presented at the registration desk. To assist the accreditation team, please send the proof of payment in advance by email to

    • Online: By credit card through the PayPal service. You must have a PayPal account to proceed with the payment.

    Method of Payment – Non-residents in Brazil

    • Online: For participants who do not reside in Brazil, the only form of payment is by credit card through the PayPal service.

    Registration Fees

    Members of SBGEA/SAB/SBF/SBGf: Members of the Associação Brasileira de Geofísica Espacial e Aeronomia (SBGEA), Sociedade Astronômica Brasileira (SAB), Sociedade Brasileira de Física (SBF) e Sociedade Brasileira de Geofísica (SBGf) have discount on the registration fee. You only qualify for the discount if your society membership dues for 2020 or 2021 is paid and the proof of payment has been sent by email to

    • We invite you to become a member of the Brazilian Society of Space Geophysics and Aeronomy (SBGEA):

    • All participants must present at the registration desk the proof of payment of the registration fee.

    The registration fees for different categories and the deadlines are shown below:

    Early Registration
    01 December, 2020 -28 February, 2021
    Regular Registration
    01 March – 21 March, 2021
    Delegates (members of SBGEA/SAB/SBF/SBGf) R$ 190,00 (USD $50,00) R$ 200,00 (USD $55,00)
    Delegates (non-members) R$ 380,00 (USD $100,00) R$ 400,00 (USD $110,00)
    Students Registration Free Registration Free

    Cancelation Policy

    Refunds will be granted only for attendees who cancel by contacting the LOC through e-mail on the following basis:

    • Residents in Brazil, 30 days or more in advance (before 22 February, 2021): Refund of 100% of the registration paid by transfer/deposit. Refund of 80% of the registration paid through the PayPal service.

    • Residents outside Brazil, 30 days or more in advance ((before 22 February, 2021): Refund of 80% of the payment.

    • Less than 30 days: Refund of 70% of the payment.

    Information for Students

    Students must send by e-mail to an official document from their home institution as ‘proof of student status’. The official correspondence shall include your full name, your university/college, the title and award of your course and the dates of your registration and expected duration of your programme.

    After carefully reading the instructions above, click on the button below that corresponds to your category and proceed with the payment through PayPal service.