ONLINE Poster Competition

  • The 2021 SBGEA & SimFAST Student Poster Competition is sponsored by the Valeparaibana Teaching Foundation (FVE). The posters will be presented in a virtual format. The objective of the poster competition is to recognize student contributions to excellent posters. The student poster prizes will be awarded to the best presentations of each scientific session and the special session E2. The rules and guidelines are the following:


    Full-time undergraduate and graduate students that have not concluded their courses in more than three months prior to the beginning of the symposium (before 22 Dec. 2020). The competition is open to both Brazilian and foreign participants.


    (a) The competition is restricted to works presented as an onlinel poster.

    (b) Each student can submit one abstract only for the Student Poster Competition.

    (c) The students in competition must be the first authors of poster presentations.

    (d) The students must register to participate in the competition when submitting their abstract (checking the appropriate box on the Abstract Submission menu).

    3. JUDGING

    The poster will qualify for the judging rounds if the students:

    (a) have submitted 3 to 5 minutes video of their posters 1 week before the day of the assigned formal online poster session.

    (b) are at their virtual room meeting during the formal online poster session (from 04:10 pm to 05:30 pm). Then there will be two rounds of judging:

    Round 1: The main judging is based on the judges’ watching of the online poster (video recorded by the authors) and takes place prior to the start of the formal poster sessions. The students are evaluated on the effectiveness of their oral presentation as recorded in the video posters. The students should strive to make an uninterrupted presentation in no more than 5 minutes. For each video poster two judges will evaluate the following categories with grades from 1 to 10: (a) Was the poster summarized clearly in a 5-minute uninterrupted video presentation? (b) Was the student able to clarify the scientific issues and objectives? (c) Was the student able to demonstrate understanding of the methodology? (d) Did the student demonstrate the ability to interpret all results? (e) Were the conclusions stated concisely and clearly? (f) Is the quality of the research effort apparent from the presentation?

    Round 2: This round will take place during the formal online poster session (from 04:10 pm to 05:30 pm). In this round the students can be argued by the judges. All participants can also send questions to the authors of the virtual posters. This round can be used by the judges to define the final rating, final classification and tiebreaker.


    (a) Failure to abide by any of the rules described in Sections 1, 2 and 3.

    (b) The student can be disqualified if total or partial results of their poster in competition are presented as “oral presentation” in any of the scientific and special sessions.


    The winners of the online student poster competition will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the virtual Symposium. The student poster winners will be awarded a certificate and others prizes to be offered by the Valeparaibana Teaching Foundation (FVE).


    The chairs of the poster sessions are the coordinators of the Judging Commissions. Missing cases not described in the rules will be evaluated by the judging committee.