• Dear participants of the CAGN2021Workshop,

    We are glad to send you the macro for the proceeding that will be published, as in the previous edition, in the Workshop Series of the Asociación Argentina de Astronomía.

    The files have to be sent to us to with a copy to in a tar file containing the latex file, the figures, the bibtex, and the copyright and re-print permissions (see below). The name of the files must be in the following form: LastName.tar, LastName.tex, LastName-fig1.eps, etc.

    The submission deadline is 15th August (or preferably during the meeting).

    The maximum space is 10 pages for Invited Reviews (Invited Talks), 6 pages for Contributed Papers (Contributed Talks) and 4 pages for Posters.

    Best regards,

    Mónica Cardaci, Guillermo Hägele and Enrique Pérez-Montero (Eds.)

    Dr. Monica Cardaci
    Associate Researcher
    Institute of Astrophysics La Plata

    Copyright and re-print permissions instructions:

    For the proceeding to be published in the Workshop series of the Asociación Argentina de Astronomía (AAA) it is necessary to have the copyright and re-print permissions of the non-original figures (the already published ones) at the time to ask the ISBN number for the book.

    In the case of non-original figures, please follow the citation procedure required for each journal as reproduced below.

    Contributions without these requirements will not be included in the proceedings book.

    In the following we give you directions to obtain the re-print permissions:

    AJ / ApJ:

    Information is here:

    In particular it says:

    "In return, the AAS grants to you the non-exclusive right of republication, subject only to your giving appropriate credit to the journal in which your article is published."

    Implying that it is not necessary to ask permission, only to write the credit in an appropriate form.


    Information is here:

    In particular it says:

    "This non-exclusive right of re-publication permits you to post the published PDF version of your article on your personal and/or institutional web sites, including ArXiV. The non-exclusive right of re-publication also includes your right to allow reproduction of parts of your article wherever you wish, provided you request the permission to do so from the A&A Editor in Chief ( and credit A&A. To protect the copyright in your article, the following copyright notice should be included in the credit: [UTF-8?]“Reproduced with permission from Astronomy & Astrophysics, © [UTF-8?]ESO”.

    Hence, it is necessary to ask permission writing to the indicated address. They will send you a PDF signed by the editor giving you the permission.

    We need you to send us this pdf.


    You do not need to ask permission, only you need to cite the source.


    You are not required to obtain permission to reuse figures (including tables) for academic, educational or non-commercial research for the following material provided full acknowledgment is given to the original source including Figure Number, Title of the Article, Author, Journal Title and Volume or Issue.

    Post 1998: a maximum of two figures (including tables) from a journal article or five figures per journal issue (unless a separate copyright holder is identified in such figure, in which event permission should be sought from that holder).

    Pre 1998: a maximum of five figures (including tables) per journal article.


    It is necessary to ask permission.


    "The author of articles published by SpringerNature do not usually need to seek permission for re-use of their material as long as the journal is credited with initial publication.

    Ownership of copyright in in original research articles remains with the Author, and provided that, when reproducing the contribution or extracts from it or from the Supplementary Information, the Author acknowledges first and reference publication in the Journal, the Author retains the following non-exclusive rights:

    To reproduce the contribution in whole or in part in any printed volume (book or thesis) of which they are the author(s).

    The author and any academic institution where they work at the time may reproduce the contribution for the purpose of course teaching.

    To reuse figures or tables created by the Author and contained in the Contribution in oral presentations and other works created by them."

    Dr. Monica Cardaci
    Associate Researcher
    Institute of Astrophysics La Plata