• 1rst Announcement
  • Dear colleagues,

    We are pleased to announce the workshop:

    CHEMICAL ABUNDANCES IN GASEOUS NEBULAE that will be held at Campos do Jordão (SP, Brazil) from 2th to 5th of november 2016.

    The purpose of this workshop is to gather scientists and students to address crucial questions related to the chemical abundances in gaseous nebulae. We plan to cover all major theoretical and observational aspects of the study of chemical abundance in HII regions and Planetary Nebulae as well as in Active Galactic Nuclei. For three days, extensive discussion about specific issues in the areas covered by the workshop will be provided.

    In particular, the topics to cover will be:

    - Abundance discrepancy in HII regions and Planetary Nebulae.

    - Methods to determine the chemical abundance in gaseous nebulae.

    - Ionization correction factors of HII regions and Planetary Nebulae

    - Abundance determinations in objects at high redshift

    - Implications of chemical abundance in gaseous nebulae on the galaxy evolution

    - Circumnuclear star formation regions 

    - Optical and infrared spectroscopy of gaseous nebulae

    Abundance determinations in AGNs

    Atomic parameters