Master's in Materials Processing

About the course

The national and international job market has demanded greater training from professionals every day. In order to meet this demand, the Professional Master's Program in Materials Processing was created, which offers a degree and prerogatives identical to the academic master's degree (CNE/CES 0079/2002).

In this program, professionals in the areas of Engineering, Health Sciences and Exact and Earth Sciences will be able to update themselves, enabling themselves to meet the new demands of the market. The course is focused on applied technological knowledge for the development, characterization and application of materials for the most diverse areas of national and international industry such as civil construction, aeronautics, petroleum, chemistry, biomedical.

The curriculum structure of the program consists of a set of technical subjects, which involve a detailed study of properties and applications of materials presented in order to prioritize the integration of sustainable development of materials, processes and products with innovation and entrepreneurship.


The course has a maximum duration of two years, providing that academic activities are carried out on Saturdays, which allows professionals to reconcile their professional activities with the activities of the program. At the same time, it enables the development of projects that are relevant for solving real problems faced by the national industry.

With a multidisciplinary character, the accompaniment of a highly qualified faculty and differentiated infrastructure, the Professional Master's Program in Materials Processing provides solid technical training and a broad view of the applicability of materials.

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