Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning

About the course

The Program aims at the development of scientific investigations, academic activities and scientific and technological diffusion in the area of ​​concentration in Urban and Regional Planning. With an interdisciplinary approach, it focuses on the production of urban and regional space supported by theoretical tools from different areas of Applied Social Sciences and other related areas. In this research process, it corroborates the concept of space as defended by Milton Santos, understood as totality, expression and instance of society. Thus, it aims to contribute to the understanding of the process of social production in contemporary space through the exchange of ideas and knowledge at the academic level aimed at scientific investigation, reflection and critical analysis, with the purpose of generating elements that favor the transformation of reality.

In this way, the Program is structured from the experience and activities of a research group that seeks educational development through the adoption of basic and complementary curricular subjects, study and exchange seminars, collective guidance, among other dynamics, culminating in the preparation of individual final work on topics relevant to the area of ​​concentration and the lines of research and projects developed by the professors.


This Postgraduate Program at the University of Vale do Paraíba focuses on 'Urban and Regional Planning' and aims to develop an interdisciplinary approach that allows analyzing and understanding the socio-spatial dynamics, relating it to political, cultural, ideological variables. , economic and physical-territorial. One of its laboratories is the Vale do Paraíba region and its surroundings, but it is not restricted to it, incorporating the experience of other important regions from the perspective of the urbanization process. From this perspective, it seeks to contribute to the development of studies and planning strategies, at urban and regional scales.

Research Line
Curricular Structure


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