Master’s Degree in Physics and Astronomy

About the course

The Graduate Program in Physics and Astronomy at Univap is evaluated with grade 4 at Capes and aims to train researchers and professionals who work for the development of Space Physics, Astronomy and Condensed Matter Physics in the country, aiming to qualify graduates in higher education in the areas of Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computing, Engineering and related areas.

Program students participate in projects and development of new equipment (photometers, interferometers and spectrometers), modeling and data analysis in Space Physics and Astronomy, study of new materials, superconducting and semiconducting materials and characterization of biological materials. The work is developed with the Program's professors-researchers and in cooperation with research groups from national and international institutions.

The Program offers an infrastructure that includes its own laboratories and observatories on the Campus in São José dos Campos and in various parts of Brazil, such as Brasópolis (MG), Palmas (TO), Manaus (AM) and Jataí (GO) and Araguatins (TO) , in addition to having a high-performance computing center. Program students and researchers have access to and are frequent users of world-class astronomical observatories such as Gemini and SOAR.



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